CBT- based therapies can be delivered effectively outside the traditional face-to-face session. I am happy to offer telephone and e-mail counselling as well as, and/or in conjunction with, the web-based teleconference sessions described below.

A web-based system provides great flexibility for you in scheduling sessions and saves you having having to leave your home or office. The service is provided using Cisco Webex. This provides a secure video and voice connection, a shared interactive whiteboard, the facility to record the session and to share documents relating to it. Over a reasonable speed broadband connection I have found performance quite acceptable. If you choose this option, you will receive an e-mail invitation from Webex before our first session. If you are not already a Webex user you will be requested to install a plug-in. This takes only a few moments and then you will be able to join the session. You will also require a webcam and microphone. (If you are accessing Webex from a corporate network you may wish to discuss this with your IT support group.) The service provider does not charge you.

If you think would like to work with this medium but have questions or uncertainties then please feel free to contact me to discuss it and have a familiarisation session.

You can obtain further information about Webex via this link.